Melissa Geiger

Front End Manager/Marketing Manager

Sign: Scorpio

Hobbies/Interests: Home decor, shopping, & hanging with family and friends

Experience & Special Certification: As a former hairstylist, I have been in the industry since Hodgson Vo-Tech in ’99 (21 years). Most recently certified in a Master Instagram course, and management course.

Local Fav Restaurant: Irish Eyes, Lewes, DE

Fav Movie: Dirty Dancing

Dream Vacation: A private beach (like OBX) with closest family/friends, hanging out by the pool/beach during the day, campfire at night, bustin’ it up and laughing, while eating good food and making good memories!

Fashion Icon: Khloe Kardashian

What do you love about the industry? Staying in sync with all the latest trends, and watching the glow on peoples face when they love their services.

Best description of your style: Laid back, Casual

Fav music genre: Country, and anything that makes me wanna dance

Best advice you would give your younger self: Don’t quit! Give yourself more credit, and take your time to learn who you are.  Never settle for less!